Terrific Not Terminator: Adapting and Adopting New Technology Featured

9:00 am - 9:45 am Dealer’s Choice

The significance of changes in technology on the practice of law can not be overstated, with revolutionary artificial intelligence, robot, and document review/discovery tools available to lawyers for the first time.

Tasks can now be completed in hours which once took days or weeks, highly sophisticated projects can be managed with a level of efficiency and effectiveness previously impossible, and sensitive client data can be both accessed and protected in unprecedented ways. Our expert panelists will consider the significance of this revolution on law firm management and profitability, and consider how law firms can transform themselves to take advantage of these tools; how best to compete, instead of concede.

The Congress Centre of the Czech National Bank
Tereza Simanovska (Moderator); Rastko Petakovic; Mykola Stetsenko; Damir Topic; Alex Cook;