Moving Right Along: How Recent CEE Political Trends and Developments are Likely to Affect Investment and Law Firm Business Featured

1:15 pm - 2:15 pm Dealer’s Choice

Now twenty-years out of communism, CEE remains politically-fluid, with countries in the region seeming to rotate between states of emergency, public protest and political upheaval, economic crisis, and for the lucky few, relative stability and calm.

Nonetheless, core CEE countries are growing faster than any region in the world outside Asia Pacific, and countries outside that core such as Ukraine and Russia are recovering from turmoil quickly as well. Lawyers are uniquely able to advise clients about the likelihood of marked political change in their countries — the growth or disappearance of conflict, the move towards or away from “illiberal” democracies and populist governments — and the likely affect of that change on potential investments. Our expert panel, drawn from many of the countries most in the news in recent months, will share valuable insight about political trends and directions across the region, and consider what changes can be expected in the near future.

The Congress Centre of the Czech National Bank
Martin Magal (Moderator); Ron Given; Sebastian Lawson; Muhsin Keskin; Denise Hamer;